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Rules/Mod Post
Welcome to teen_wolf_anon, we are your mods, alpha_mod and argents.

You can report meme content that breaks the rules, or contact us for any other reason, by leaving a comment to this entry. Comments are screened by default but may be unscreened temporarily so that we can answer. You are advised to leave comments anonymously for that reason.


1. Do Not Violate LiveJournal's Terms of Service. Any content that violates LJ's TOS will be removed when we notice or are informed of it.

2. Do not reveal, hint or speculate about the identity of your mods.


1. Commenting

--Image embedding is enabled. Images may be embedded in comments provided they do not contain nudity, gore or otherwise Not Safe for Work and/or triggery content. Use your discretion and when in doubt: direct-link, don't embed.

2. Journals and Communities

--All content from unlocked entries in personal journals, including content once public and later locked, as well as content from open and moderated communities can be freely discussed and reposted for reference.

--Absolutely no full names, places of work or other personal information of fellow fans is allowed unless it was volunteered freely in public entries by the fans in question.


1. Stay anon unless you need to prove your identity or the like.

2. Subject lines make it easier to follow the meme; use them.

3. A dozen haters could just as easily be one bored troll.

4. Don't believe everything anon tells you but don't pre-emptively accuse anon of lying either.

5. It's a fine line between speculation and libel particularly where fellow fans are concerned; tread carefully.

The rules are subject to change will be enforced at the discretion of the mods.

Rules updated/changed: July 9, 2012.

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